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Leave a review!

Leaving a review for our boutique is important for us and our customers.

We value your opinion, so please share your experiences with us so that others can make informed decisions when shopping.

Your reviews can help us improve our products and services, as well as give us feedback on customer satisfaction.

Leaving a review also gives a chance to show off your doll collection and express your love for fashion and creativity!

We appreciate your time and effort in leaving a review and thank you for your support.

how to leave a review

First, find the products you purchased from our selection. Click here to view the malinahdoll shop.

Second, scroll to the bottom of the product page of the item you purchased and wait about 15-30 seconds and wait for the review section to load in (if it fails to load refresh the page).

Third, write your review, add photos, and click submit! 

After you leave your reviews from all items purchased from the shop (with photos) you'll receive a 20% off coupon from us and a FREE surprise exclusive jewelry piece for your doll on your next order.

We appreciate your support so much and remember, malinah loves you.  

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