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The Spring Collection - by malinah doll

The Spring Collection - by malinah doll

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These beautiful Spring Collection Sets of are created to fit the Bratz 2001 Body mold, with extenders attached to fit any doll with a neck smaller than RH. The pendant may be subject to tarnish over time, so be sure to keep it clean and store it properly. Applying the chokers requires tweezers or a thread. Get yours today and make your doll the envy of all her friends!


The Silver Flower Set comes with Pink Pearl Stud Earrings, Colorful Bracelet, Colorful Silver Flower Choker, and O-Chain Beaded Belt!


The Flower Candy Set comes with 4 Beaded Flower Candy Chokers in various colors!


The Candy Pearl Set comes with 2 Candy Pearl Bead Chokers, 1 Candy Pearl Bead Anklet, and 2 Candy Pearl Bead Bracelets!


The Hard Candy Set comes with 2 Hard Candy Flower Bead Chokers, 1 Hard Candy Flower Bead Anklet, and 2 Hard Candy Flower Bead Bracelets!


The Bows & Butterflies Set comes with a dangly Bow detail choker with a malinahdoll charm + beads, and dangly butterfly earrings!


The Spring Set comes with a Pearl choker, and Pink Butterfly Belt!


These are one-of-a-kind malinah doll jewelry pieces.


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